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Financial Guidance for Today. Tomorrow. And Beyond.

Experience a more rewarding relationship with family wealth management services centered around you — and your legacy.

Providing Clarity and Direction


Our process is centered around active listening. Regular in-person meetings enable us to stay in touch with what is most important to you — always focusing on the aspects that affect your finances the most. As a result, we are able to proactively analyze and navigate complex financial decisions based on your unique story — your goals, values and priorities.


Our selective client onboarding process allows us to be fully dedicated to every one of our clients. A typical client of ours has $2 to $20 million worth of investable assets. We believe that with over 25 years of experience, highly-regarded credentials, award-winning investment research and Baird (being an independent firm), our team is able to objectively recommend investment strategies and vehicles with your best interests in mind.


We’ll help ensure that your values and goals power the financial decisions and the success of your family’s current generation and beyond. In collaboration with your tax, estate planning and insurance teams, we pride ourselves on offering a higher standard of wealth management services that offers you, your family and proceeding generations the attention you deserve.

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