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Our Services

Advanced Planning

The more wealth you have, the more complicated it can be to protect it. That’s why we collaborate with a specially selected team of Baird experts to recognize, address and eliminate potential problems before they make a lasting impact.

Secure your family’s legacy today.

In order to safeguard your family’s net worth, it’s important you take proactive steps to provide you and your family with a plan when the unexpected happens. By collaborating with a knowledgeable team of tax and estate professionals, we’re able to anticipate potential challenges and obstacles while simultaneously preventing unforeseen circumstances. Our partnerships give us access to a team of advanced planning specialists who help us provide the best possible service with a focus on tax codes as well as the legal system to protect and enhance your fortune. 

Our advanced planning services include:

Wealth enhancement

Tax mitigation and cash flow planning

Wealth transfer

Wealth protection

Risk mitigation, legal structures and risk transfer

Charitable giving

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