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Is It Time to Red Team Your Company? Thumbnail

Is It Time to Red Team Your Company?

It’s all too common for businesses to get stuck in a rut. Complacency throughout a firm can stop owners, managers and rank-and-file workers from asking important questions and challenging long-held assumptions about what the business should be doing—and how it should be doing it!

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Amplify Your Charitable Giving Thumbnail

Amplify Your Charitable Giving

If you have a strong charitable intent, it makes sense to consider strategies and solutions that can help you potentially magnify the impact of your giving and create a method for systematic giving over many years—or even generations.

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Making Philanthropy a Family Affair Thumbnail

Making Philanthropy a Family Affair

For a growing number of successful professionals, there’s a strong urge to “pay it forward” by financially supporting causes and organizations that are important to them. Smart charitable giving is one of the key areas of importance for the affluent today.

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