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Wills and Trusts Thumbnail

Wills and Trusts

You probably expect to use your wealth to take care of your family in the here and now—health care, travel, college tuition and the like. But chances are you haven’t thought nearly as much about positioning your assets so they’re ready and able to help the people you love after you’re gone. Even if you have made some headway in this area, your plan for your estate is probably a little—and maybe a lot—out of date. If that describes your situation, don’t fret. Even if you have many moving parts to your finances, you can get on track by focusing on two main areas of estate planning: wills and trusts. Here’s how to do it.

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The End of the “Grandparent Rule” – Plus Other Education Funding Strategies for Grandparents Thumbnail

The End of the “Grandparent Rule” – Plus Other Education Funding Strategies for Grandparents

A little-discussed change in education funding legislation now makes it easier for grandparents to give. When Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 in December 2020, it made some significant tweaks to education planning – some good (a simplified FAFSA form!), some not so good (the removal of an aid benefit when multiple children attend college simultaneously).

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Virtual Experiences We Think You’ll Love Thumbnail

Virtual Experiences We Think You’ll Love

When COVID-19 first hit, closures and lockdowns made virtual resources the only way to see certain sites—drawing in viewers to virtual zoo tours and the like. But even though many more places and businesses are now open to the public in some form or another, it seems that virtual experiences may have staying power. Read more for some of our favorite online events, tours and other experiences to help you live a richer and fuller virtual best life!

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Want to Promote Family Entrepreneurship? Thumbnail

Want to Promote Family Entrepreneurship?

A key objective among many single-family offices serving Super Rich families is to enable future generations of family members to build their own wealth and create their own entrepreneurial legacies. But, family banks are not the exclusive domain of the extremely wealthy. Families with considerably less wealth can also use a family bank as a lending and investment vehicle to support the commercial activities of their heirs. Read more to find out if a family bank makes sense for you.

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