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2019 Market and Wealth Management Outlooks

Will the volatility that rocked the stock market in 2018 continue in the new year? Could interest rate increases and global trade concerns derail economic growth? Should you be thinking differently about your financial plans?

Willie Delwiche, Investment Strategist, and Tim Steffen, Director of Advanced Planning, sat down in two separate videos to discuss their outlooks in 2019 from both a market and a wealth management perspective.

Market and Economic Outlook

Willie highlights some of the key issues investors should be paying attention to, including:

  • Resisting headlines to affirm preconceptions and challenging your assumptions
  • Additional rate hikes from the Fed and rising interest rates around the globe
  • Better than expected economic growth and returned market investing

Wealth Management Outlook

Tim discussed what kind of changes and reforms we could see in 2019 and how that could impact an investor’s financial plan, including:

  • Reforms to Social Security in light of 2018, where for the first time in decades, more money was paid out of the program than paid into
  • Changes to retirement savings and the rules around withdrawing from those accounts
  • The likelihood of additional tax code changes

If you have questions about what Willie and Tim’s insights could mean for your investment portfolio and plans, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.