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Short Educational Videos:

Hosted by Lori & Roger Gervais

Family Vision

Achieving a goal like passing on your wealth, values, and financial knowledge to your kids requires a Family Vision. Learn more in this video.

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Financial Literacy

With great wealth comes a greater need for depth of knowledge, and once you've developed fundamental skills, you’ll have the confidence to move on and enhance them. Financial literacy works the same way.

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Stress Testing

Stress testing can solidify your financial plans and make you feel secure about the future. Your financial picture is going to constantly change throughout your life. Your needs will change; your goals will change. As it does, you’re going to want to check your financial plan to make sure you’re still on track.

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Personal Wealth Organizer

The Personal Wealth Organizer ensures you’re maximizing your financial potential, but it’s most significant impact will come in the face of death, divorce or dispute. In this video, we talk about the important elements needed to create a Personal Wealth Organizer.

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