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Baird Wealth Strategies - Webinar Series

Tax Planning Thumbnail

Tax Planning

This presentation summarizes the 2022 changes to tax law, and looks ahead to legislation that could be enacted after the midterm elections in November. It also includes a variety of planning strategies for clients as they consider ways to manage their tax liability at year-end.

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Medicare Thumbnail


Medicare planning is discussed to help you as listeners be prepared to navigate Medicare in general, open enrollment, share common misconceptions and mistakes, and highlight opportunities for you to consider. You will also learn more about how you can get the most out of your coverage and which choices make financial sense for you.

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Charitable Giving Thumbnail

Charitable Giving

No matter the stage of financial planning you’re in, many people are often interested in how they can gift to their favorite charities and non-profits in a tax-efficient manner. In this webinar, Christopher Dolan, MBA, CFP®, Financial Planner at Baird, covers what you need to know about the current charitable giving landscape in the United States, and what strategies can be implemented when giving.

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Trust Services Thumbnail

Trust Services

Mark “Mac” McLennon and Mark Criner, Trust Strategists of Baird Trust, will highlight key trust solutions that may benefit your unique financial situation.

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Tax Planning Under the SECURE Act Thumbnail

Tax Planning Under the SECURE Act

The Secure Act of 2019 changed the way retirement accounts are funded, distributed and passed to the next generation. In this session, Tim and Scott went through the key provisions of the Act, including the most recent IRS announcement, and reviewed ways an account owner and beneficiary can mitigate the impact of the new 10-year distribution rule.

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