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Baird Wealth Strategies - Webinar Series

Social Security Thumbnail

Social Security

This seminar will cover eligibility of benefits, how benefits are calculated, benefit claiming strategies and the current outlook of Social Security. If you are approaching retirement or are approaching a social security claiming decision, we encourage you to watch this.

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Tax Planning Thumbnail

Tax Planning

In light of the proposed tax law changes, Clients need to consider the short term and long term impact these proposed tax law changes would mean for them and their families.

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Education Funding Thumbnail

Education Funding

Jeannette Haen, Education Planning Consultant, and Chris Dolan, Sr. Financial Planner, as they discuss how the current pandemic could affect the college experience, college costs and education plan going forward.

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Business Owner Solutions Thumbnail

Business Owner Solutions

Transitioning a business to the next generation is a reality that all business owners must face. Whether to a family member, financial partner, or another company, this transition can be a complex process and take many forms. Successful transition begins with understanding your options, identifying your goals, and knowing the right steps to ensure a great outcome.​​​​​​​

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The Economy and Your Financial Wellness Thumbnail

The Economy and Your Financial Wellness

A conversation around the National Debt, Inflation, and a few key topics inspired by Behavioral Finance. Should you be worried about inflation right now? Will we pay back the National Debt? What simple rules can you follow to make yourself a better investor?

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